Cutting Glass Mosaic Tile WITH NIPPERS (So Easy!)

You’re a beginner mosaic artist or you’re someone who is ready to begin your own glass mosaic art project. Of course, you want to know how to cut your glass mosaic and which tools work the best.

Don’t worry. Cutting glass mosaic tile with nippers and glass scoring tools is actually very easy.

If you want to learn how easy it really is to cut glass mosaics, this video will show you the simple steps and which mosaic cutting tools to pick up.


So, how do you cut mosaic tile?

For stained glass, glass mosaic tiles, and glass crafts, I generally use a mosaic glass wheeled nipper. This tile nipper provides an easy way to cut mosaic tile and it’s quick. It is important to choose the right glass cutting tool especially if you want to make circles, curves, and straight line cuts because choosing wrong tile cutter may result in crushed glass rather than cut glass.

My mosaic tutorial will give mosaic tips on different kinds of glass cutting too. If you need advice on the glue I like to use on my mosaic projects, be