What's the Best Mosaic Glue for Art?

You want to make mosaic art using mosaic glass, but you aren’t sure which mosaic glue to use?

I’ll share my favorite mosaic glue for glass art and what I deem to be the BEST mosaic glue for glass in this mosaic tutorial video. Even if you aren’t a mosaic beginner artist, learn which mosaic adhesive to use for your glass mosaic tile art project.


I’ll also provide other essential mosaic tips related to mosaic gluing.

When I adhere glass mosaics to wood substrates, I use a specific type of glue…the same glue I use on various other substrates such as glass, ceramic, and more.

Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping you used the right glue, gain the confidence now by purchasing correctly the first time and planning your mosaic project time efficiently.

I once used the WRONG glue for a tabletop glass project. The glue expanded and I had to chisel it out before I grouted. I made it work, but I know what glue NOT to use which is also important! In that instance, I used Gorilla Glue which would have been GREAT had I read the directions fully, but I now use that glue to adhere heavy mirrors to wood substrates, for example.